Want to Transform your Love Relationship?

This is a safe place to explore love relationships in all its complexity and find answers to burning questions related to love:

  • Why do I so often feel lonely, sad, angry and frustrated when I love my partner with all my heart?
  • How do I break out of the age-old cycle of hurting and being hurt?
  • Why does disharmony and conflict reign in my relationship when I want nothing more than peace and happiness?
  • Where has the trust gone?
  • How do I heal the disconnection between us?

Being in a love relationship is often the source of our greatest happiness, just as much as it can be the source of a massive amount of pain. Romance is wonderful, but to truly make a relationship work over time, we need the ability to move to a much deeper level of connection, intimacy and passion.

The Key to Happy Relationships

Knowledge and relationship skills will only take us so far… the real key is to work towards raising the vibrational energy of our love relationships. In essence, we need to heal ourselves in order to transform our relationships, which will ultimately lead to a transformation of the world.

What I've discovered is that the inner work we do is all-important to making our relationships work. If we don't change on the inside, our relationship can't change either.

So if you want to know how to make a complete and radical shift in your relationship? Work on yourself first!

Daily Love Illuminations

If that sounds exciting to you, I want to invite you to give yourself the gift of our free Love Illuminations. You will receive daily messages in your inbox to provide you with:

  • inspiration to be real in your love relationship and act from a place of genuine caring on a day to day basis,
  • guidance for building a happy, harmonious love relationship
  • managing the challenges of love.

Each Love Illumination will also include a daily mindfulness meditation to help you reflect deeply on your own relationship and in so doing, raise the vibration of your love.

I hope you'll decide to join our community. We truly want to move beyond disconnection to restore, revive and rejuvenate our relationships. It's a happy journey to be on!

Such is the Beauty of Love.

© Mia Rose

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